Sungai Lembing Museum

This mining museum is operated by the Department of Museums and Antiquities to disseminate information and display the historical treasures found in the spear river and in the State of Pahang in general. Visitors' visit here will certainly be presented with interesting knowledge regarding the underground tin mines that were once recognized as one of the largest and deepest tin mines in the world.

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Rainbow Waterfall

Pelangi Waterfall is famous for its beauty. It is close to Sungai Lembing. Tourists will be able to see the beautiful rainbow behind the waterfall only in the morning. 4WD transportation / vehicles are available to make it easier for tourists to get around the exciting and challenging small town.

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Panoram Hilla

Bukit Panorama is one of the recreation centers in Sungai Lembing. Here, various recreational activities can be done by the public such as jungle trekking and so on. The special feature of this hill is that visitors can enjoy the view of the sunrise and the atmosphere of the sunset. Panorama Hill has a height of 291 meters above sea level. Panorama Hill is very popular with its visitors non -stop coming on weekends to enjoy the breathtaking scenery like the sunrise and the green atmosphere around the hill.

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Mount Tapis

Mount Tapis is the 18th highest mountain on the Peninsula at an altitude of 4,957 feet. There is a well -kept park around Mount Tapis which also has a camping area, hot springs, white water challenge in the fast flowing river, looking for big fish and there are many kelah fish.

The view from the top of Mount Tapis is breathtaking. You will be able to see an ocean of white clouds that obscure the view of the lowlands. On a clear day you can see Mount Tahan in the distance. Peak temperatures range from 18 to 8 degrees Celsius.

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Deer Breeding

The farm is located about 50 km from the city of Kuantan and 5 km from the small town of Sungai Lembing via Kampung Kuala Kenau. The farm is located 3 km from Perkampungan Mas Sungai orang asli and 9 km from the main road to Kuantan. The farm is developed and managed by the State Veterinary Services Department. The farm was opened in 1992. The type of deer breed kept here consists of 'cerrus timorensis' there are also deer kept from Mauritius and Australia.

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Hanging bridge

There are four suspension bridges across the River at Sungai Kenau, Sungai Lembing. In the northern part there are two suspension bridges located in the villages of Kampung Kuala Kenau and Takar Rapids. In the southern part is located in the village of Seberang Kolong Pahat. The age of the four suspension bridges is more than 100 Years. The oldest suspension bridge is the suspension bridge in Kampung Kolong Pahat.

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This monument was built during the Japanese occupation on Sungai Lembing. It is located near the Sungai Lembing children’s playground. This monument is one of the monuments to commemorate the people who defended the country during the war against Japan. This monument is an attraction for tourists who come to Sungai Lembing.

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