• Guest House Enactment (Chapter 14)
    • This law is enforced to license guest houses as well as to control the activities and cleanliness of boarding houses in the State of Pahang.


  • Enakmen Lembu/Kerbau Merayau 1996
    • This law is used by local authorities to control livestock such as cows, buffaloes and cows from roaming the streets and public places that can endanger the public. This law emphasizes two main aspects, namely the responsibility of the owner of livestock and enforcement.


  • Enakmen Hiburan 1993
    • This law was enacted for the purpose of licensing and controlling entertainment activities throughout the State of Pahang. Local authorities and the police act as enforcers of this enactment. Among the powers given to local authorities under this enactment are licensing entertainment activities, conducting investigations, compounding offenses and conducting prosecutions in Court.