• Local Government Act (Act 171)
    • This Act was enacted in 1976 to determine the same policies and laws for all local authorities (PBT) in Malaysia. Among the matters provided in this act are related to the administration of the area and the conduct of local government affairs as well as the local authority.

  • Drainage and Buildings Act (Act 133)
    • This Act empowers local authorities to regulate development as well as empowers local authorities to maintain roads and public drains.

  • Town and Country Planning Act (Act172)
    • This Act aims to create perfect control for town and country planning in Peninsular Malaysia and local authorities act as local planning authorities for their own areas in enforcing this Act.

  • Road Transport Act (Act 333)
    • Power is given by this Act to local authorities as the relevant authority in this Act to provide parking and enforce provisions related to traffic barriers.

  • Food Act (Act 33)
    • This Act was enacted to protect the public from harmful food and the power was given to the local health inspector as an authority officer to enforce this Act.

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