The following is a table showing the results of the tender statement under the Provision of the Procurement Board of the Prime Minister's Department / MEA / PKNP:

  1. Proposed Construction of 'Jogging Track' and Public Facilities and Related Works at Taman Tasik Gambang, Kuantan, Pahang-MPK/W/T: 13/2020
  2. Proposed Beautification And Lighting In Kuantan City Center, Kuantan Pahang - MPK/W/T: 10/2020
  3. Proposed Upgrading of Lighting and Beautification of Kuantan Bypass Airport Road, Kuantan Pahang - MPK/W/T: 11/2020
  4. Upgrading Existing Buildings and Related Works in Pasar Besar, Kuantan-MPK/W/T: 09/2020

Please click here to see the schedule showing the results of the tender


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