Q: How is the New Application License Approval Process Approved?
A: Among the processes are:-

  1. Applications are received through a form priced at RM 1.00 which can be obtained at the payment counter, MBK.
  2. The completed form is submitted at the Licensing Counter with a processing fee of RM 10.00.
  3. The application form is registered into the computer system. Inspections on the premises involved are carried out by the Health Inspector before being brought to the Pre-Council meeting and the Premises or Advertisement License Approval Committee meeting on Friday and Saturday.
  4. The list of license applications is sent to the Fire Department, Building Department, Planning and Evaluation for the purpose of inspection from the aspect of the respective regulatory requirements.
  5. The result of the license application can be known within 10 days in accordance with the Licensing Division's Client's Charter.
  6. For applications that have been approved will be called to be briefed and handed over the license on Friday of the following week for the applicant to clear the license fee. The license fee rate depends on the type of business.
  7. For applications that have not complied with the conditions of the application will be kept in the spotlight for 14 days. A letter for compliance with the conditions will be issued for compliance by the applicant.
  8. Applications that fail to get approval will be issued a letter and for those who have run a business are asked to stop business.
  9. The business license will expire until December 31 of each year and the licensee is asked to renew it.

Q: What is the List of Information Required for a New License Application?
A: Among the list are:-

  1. Composite Form
  2. Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association and Form 49 (Return Giving Particulars In Register Of Directors, Managers And Secretaries And Changes of Particulars) according to the Companies Registration Act 1965, or Form A (Business Registration) or Form B (Registration of Changes in Business) and Form D (Declaration of Registration of Business) in accordance with the Business Registration Ordinance 1956.
  3. Copy of lease agreement or any document relating to the lease of land and buildings.
  4. Copy of land grant or temporary occupation license (TOL)
  5. Copy of certified Building Occupancy Certificate (CFO), if new building.
  6. Salinan permit bangunan yang diluluskan oleh Majlis Bandaraya Kuantan (MBK), jika bangunan sementara.
  7. Four (4) copies of the location plan of the business premises.
  8. 1 copy of identity card or passport.
  9. 3R size photo of business premises-photo on the outside of the business premises-.
  10. The 9 x 4 envelope is self -addressed and stamped 30 cents.
  11. 1 visual copy or sample advertisement to be displayed.
  12. Ad location plan.
  13. Processing fee RM 10.00

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