MBK Department / Division Info
  • Human resources department
  • Administration and Training Division
  •  Integrity Unit

Information Management Department

  • Information Technology Division
  • Parking Section

Treasury Department

  • Budget and Procurement Division
  • Finance and Accounts Division
  • Assessment Tax Division
  • Revenue Recovery Unit

engineering department

  • Project and Public Works Division
  • Maintenance Division
  • Mechanical and Transportation Division
  • Infrastructure and Roads Division

Development Planning Department

  • Development Control Division
  • Sustainable Development Division

Office of Investment and Sustainable Cities

  • Investment Unit
  • Sustainable City Unit

Lestari Jaya Regional Office

  • Gebeng Management Office

Department of Architecture

  • Building Control Division
  • Building Management and Design Division

Department of Community Development

  • Tourism and Privatization Division
  • Community and Sports Division

Property Valuation Department

  • Valuation Division
  • Property Management Division
  • Building Commissioner Division

Department of Landscape

  • Landscape Development Division
  • Landscape Maintenance Division

Department of Enforcement and Security

  • Enforcement Division
  • Security Control Division

Municipal Services Department

  • Environmental Health Division
  • Public Service Division

Department of Business Development and Licensing

  • Licensing Division
  • Hawker Division

Legal Section

One Stop Center (OSC) Section

Public and Corporate Relations Section

Internal Audit Section