Landscape Plan Approval

  • Keperluan Umum :-
    1. Landscape Plan application must be submitted by 3 sets including 1 set of colored plans.
    2. Submit a plan according to standard of practice that is, by isolating Master plan, planting plan, detail area plan, detail construction, section/elevation in different sheets to be on a clear scale to be researched and commented on.
    3. For large-scale development areas, Landscape Master Plan must be separated planting plan. As for small-scale development areas, Landscape Master Plan can be combined with Planting Plan.
    4. In the plan if in the development area there are original trees that have the plan, if in the development area there are original trees that have significance to be retained or removed (transplant) to the specified area or the trees that have been planted by the MBK that need to be cut down.
    5. In planning utilities existing in the development area which is an obstacle (obstacle) to tree planting proposals.
    6. Submit Notice of Commencement of Landscaping Works complete with photographs during the planting/construction/installation work carried out.


  • Pelan-Pelan Landskap yang dikemukakan haruslah menunjukkan dengan jelas perkara-perkara seperti berikut :-
    1. The Landscape Design Proposal submitted has design principles (principle of design) yang showing impact to development in terms of crop composition. It is clearly shown whether inside planting plan, section/elevation or perspective drawings.
    2. These planning principles are very important which to create an atmosphere greenery and beauty in the development area. Next create as a recreation area can be encouraging the social interaction of the population (social interaction).


  • Keperluan Pelan Kawasan Permainan :-
    1. For developments that have open space, must be referred to National Landscape Department Guidelines Series JLN/GP001/2001, Playground Equipment - Safety Performance for Public Use (MS 966: 2017) and JPBD Guidelines for Open Space and Recreation Planning 2010 to make the open space more comprehensive.
    2. The components of open space equipment shall be clearly indicated in their position at the correct scale taking into account composition of the play space utilization ratio.
    3. Taking into account accessibility like slab over drain and walkway/path to facilitate the movement of children and people with disabilities (PWDs) to use the play area.
    4. Submit a design integrated play equipment with the appropriate size having warranty and recommended by in terms of quality and safety of use. List the components contained in this tool.
    5. For the purpose of play safety in the playground area (Use stationary zone of play equipment). Submit a layout plan of the game equipment taking into account MS 966: 2017 Playground Equipment - Safety Performance for Public Use.
    6. Indicates the position of the garden lights on strategic location for night time lighting for the purpose of crime prevention. At the implementation stage can refer to the Electrical Unit of the Engineering Department.
    7. For development that has catchment area (detention pond) it shall be designed as part of the garden (part of the Park).
    8. Other open space equipment requirements shall be clearly indicated with the correct scale based on green area hierarchy and development size.


  • Keperluan Pelan Penanaman (Landskap Lembut dan Landskap Kejur)
    1. The planting plan must have Planting schedule table which indicates correctly in terms of symbol, botanical name, local name, size (stem diameter and height size), planting distance and quantity.
    2. Tree size shade which is proposed not less from 3000mm overall height and 50mm stem circumference. Trees should be sown in polybags.
    3. Tree size palm which is proposed not less from 3000mm overall height, 500mm brown stem and 250mm stem circumference. Trees should be sown in polybags.
    4. While the tree shrubs which is proposed not less of 500mm overall height and sown in polybags.
    5. Staking is 25x50mm in size with a suitable height. Single staking for planting in paved areas (premix) and double staking for planting in grassy areas. Demonstrate the correct way of bonding.
    6. Root guard is a must for planting in paved area kecuali bagi penanaman pokok palma.
    7. Submit Planting Detail Drawing (detail planting) which clearly shows the proposed planting composition for shade trees, palms, shrubs and grasses.
    8. Submit Construction Detail Drawing (construction detail) for the final packaging of planting in paved areas.
      • Concrete slab or mild steel tree grating for final finishing of planting in paved areas.
      • Tree protector required for planting near parking lots.
      • Walkway (Walkway) not less than 1.2 meters wide.
      • Endowment/gazebo.
      • Rubbish bin.
      • Garden Bench (Benches)
      • And other requirements. Drawings must be shown with a clear scale.